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An insurance system based on blockchain is proposed for web identity security, which provides two insurance service models for personal web identity security of end users and data security of commercial websites, respectively.

How does it work?

The architecture of WISChain is as follows.

What are its advantages?

Its advantages are shown as follows.


Smart ContractsAuto claims based on smart contracts


Lower premiumsReduced premiums


PersonalityPersonalized policies


AutomationClaim evidences are uploaded automatically to the blockchain


SafetyTwo insurance models for web identities


Trustbuild trust between insurers and policyholders

What are its applications?

Its applications are shown as follows.

  1. End users can buy insurance on their accounts’ security.
  2. Websites can use wischain to secure their databases and improve their competence.
  3. Security companies can use wischain to promote their security products.
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The future of WISChain

GDPR issued by the European Union is effective now and making companies to pay more attention to protecting their users' data and privacy. Due to the high penalty of data leaks, the network insurance has become an urgent need. The blockchain based insurance may overturn the traditional profit model of the insurance industry with more transparent mechanisms, less premiums, and quicker settlement of claims, which can be more conducive to the promotion of network security insurance. WISChain is an attempt in this direction. It can be tested at https://wischain.denglu1.cn/. All tests and feedbacks are welcome.

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